Our Steam Initiative

We enrich the lives of youth by empowering them to discover
their potential through academic achievement and the arts.

Moves & Grooves Innovate STEAM initiative is our agency’s way of preparing our students for the future.

Our goal is to engage black girls and minorities in science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, art and math related activities with a culturally relevant approach. With the understanding that “representation matters,” Moves & Grooves identifies black female professionals in the area of science, technology, engineering and math to serve as instructors and role models for our students.

We teach math through music, science through dance, merge coding and choreography to spark curiosity while  inspiring black and brown girls in the South Nashville Community to connect their mind, body and creativity.

Through science experiments, hands-on engineering projects, media design, coding and choreography activities, the girls experience stem in a culturally responsive environment that encourages them to cultivate who they are and what they can become through STEAM education.

How does art connect with STEAM? We're glad you asked.

STEAM requires innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box. Moves & Grooves connects to stem by providing art integrated curriculum in math, science and engineering. Studying art subjects contributes to the development of essential skills like collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

STEAM education explores the same subjects, but incorporates creative thinking and applied arts into teaching and real situations.

Art is about discovering and creating ingenious ways of problem-solving, integrating principles and presenting information. By adding the elements of art to STEM based thinking, we believe that students can use both sides of their brain—analytical and creative— to develop the best thinkers of tomorrow.