The mission of Moves and Grooves, Inc. is to enhance the academic achievement of children through creative arts programs.

In response to the COVID pandemic, Moves and Grooves supports the resources provided through Metro Nashville Public Schools. Click here for more information regarding community support, health, and resources for students.

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Alumni Spotlight: Shanese Brown

Shanese joined Moves and Grooves in the summer of 2010. She was looking for a sense of belonging and found just that in the Ladies Of Purpose mentoring program. Through that program, she was introduced to pageantry.

Fast forward to 2012, with the help of Moves and Grooves and her pageant mentor Tiffany Love- Harden,  Shanese won the title of Miss Tennessee Teen USA.

Her success only continues from there.  As of this past year,  Shanese graduated with honors from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.

Success stories like these demonstrate that you can do anything you put your mind to with hard work, determination, and mentorship. Our alumni are living proof of that. Help Moves & Grooves create more opportunities to help children discover their full potential by donating today.

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Around the world, schools have closed and governments are issuing Stay at Home orders to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This means families are self-isolating and hunkering down at home. If you have kids, this may seem like both a blessing and a curse. Be it a toddler or a tween, you’re probably scratching your head on how to fill the hours of the day, and most importantly, establish a sense of normalcy and calm in your household.YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Moves & Grooves is here to help.

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  • Although the Moves and Grooves office and school’s have been closed since March 10, 2020, Moves and Grooves has been diligently working to connect with our students and families by any means necessary.
  • Site Coordinators have conducted weekly one-on-one wellness, safety and family check-in meetings through phone, text and video conferencing to over 175 Davidson County families.
  • Agency has created online academic classrooms in Science, Math and Literacy for over 375 viewers via Zoom, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Staff successfully contacted 85 families to ensure that they are registered to VOTE and educated them on the importance of completing the 2020 US census.
  • Spearheaded a safe space through a visual art contest for youth to voice their experience as it relates to COVID-19 and the racial injustice regarding Black Lives Matter.
  • Moves and Grooves was the 1st nonprofit organization to host a TikTok Dance Challenge with over 600 views and youth engagement.
  • After-school staff were able to successfully connect 35 Davidson County families to food, technology and shelter resources through our community partners.
  • Moves & Grooves Inc. continues to offer engaging virtual experiences each day in dance, math, reading, health, music and visual arts classes online through our virtual summer camp platform.

We don’t just care about DANCE.
We care about the WHOLE child.

  • 95% High school graduation rate.
  • 90% Parents see youth self-confidence increase.
  • 80% Youth improve in math, reading, and other academic subjects.

Our Core Values


Encouraging youth to be creative & use various forms of art as a positive outlet.


Inspiring youth to excel in school.


Promoting positive health by providing nutritious snacks and daily physical activity.


Developing young people to take pride in their own culture while holding the culture of all people in high regard.


Creating opportunities for youth to “give back” in their neighborhoods and beyond.


Empowering youth to become self-reliant and independent citizens.

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Our Standards

Moves & Grooves, Inc’s. standards are founded upon the principles of confidence and courtesy. Confidence because believing in yourself is greater than anything and courtesy because showing respect towards others reflects one’s civility.

Standard #1

In Moves & Grooves we greet each other every day with a smile and a handshake to strengthen the relationship between us.

Standard #2

In Moves & Grooves we are considerate of those in need and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Standard #3

In Moves & Grooves we love our brothers and sisters and are respectful in everything we say and do.

Standard #4

In Moves & Grooves we are striving to become a positive example to our community as well as the world.

Standard #5

In Moves & Grooves we are beautiful in our own way and we each offer a gift that is unique.

Standard #6

In Moves & Grooves we realize that life is a challenge, but with the mindset to persevere we can conquer anything.

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This is a time to be creative with how we engage with each other, especially our kids. Click Here to download 10 Ways to Unlock Your Child’s Greatness Through COVID.

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