Mission, Vision & Purpose

Moves & Grooves, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is committed to enhancing the lives of at-risk youth through arts and education within the Metro Nashville area.

Our Mission Statement, is to use the ARTS as a platform to engage youth in self-exploration, while providing opportunities for leadership, education and service.

How we do this, is done through our Vision Statement. Which we do, by using Moves & Grooves as the premier center of performing arts for at-risk youth in the Metropolitan Nashville area.

Why we are doing this, is defined by our Purpose, and that, is to effectively cultivate Nashville’s youth... who are not only compassionate about their communities, but are also relationally connected and committed to a lifestyle of continuous learning, unwavering moral character, solid core values and exceptional standards.

Our Standards

Moves & Grooves, Inc's. standards are founded upon the principles of confidence and courtesy. Confidence because believing in yourself is greater than anything and courtesy because showing respect towards others reflects one’s civility.

Standard #1: In Moves & Grooves we greet each other everyday with a smile and a handshake to strengthen the relationship between us.
Standard #2: In Moves & Grooves we are considerate of those in need and are always willing to lend a helping hand.
Standard #3: In Moves & Grooves we love our brothers and sisters and are respectful in everything we say and do.
Standard #4: In Moves & Grooves we are striving to become a positive example to our community as well as the world.
Standard #5: In Moves & Grooves we are beautiful in our own way and we each offer a gift that is unique.
Standard #6: In Moves & Grooves we realize that life is a challenge, but with the mindset to persevere we can conquer anything.

Core Values

Arts - Encouraging youth to be creative and use various forms of art as a positive outlet.

Education - Inspiring youth to excel in school.

Health - promoting positive health by providing nutritious snacks and daily physical activity.

Diversity - Developing young people to take pride in their own culture while holding the culture of all people in high regard.

Service - Creating opportunities for youth to "give back" in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Leadership - Empowering youth to become self-reliant and independent citizens.