Our After School Program

The Moves & Grooves After School Program is offered in collaboration with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) and Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA) with a shared goal of offering high quality after school programming for every child.

The Moves & Grooves (MAG) After School Program offers an arts integrated learning experience for elementary and middle school students grades 2-8. Based on brain research, students are provided with multiple learning strategies to peek their interest and their individual learning style. Moves & Grooves uses a project-based learning approach in connection with STEM activities to encourage students to bridge learning to real world issues. Through partnerships with Vanderbilt University, Adventure Science Center, Nashville Ballet and others, the MAG After School Program provides hands-on science experiments, the latest dance choreography and fun arts activities, to prepare students to become powerful artists, thinkers, leaders and achievers.

The Moves & Grooves After School Program is defined within the mission of Moves & Grooves Inc, to use the ARTS as a platform to engage youth in learning valuable life skills while creating opportunities for self-expression, self-empowerment and self-discovery.

Our Standards

Moves & Grooves, Inc's. standards are founded upon the principles of confidence and courtesy. Confidence because believing in yourself is greater than anything and courtesy because showing respect towards others reflects one’s civility.

Standard #1: In Moves & Grooves we greet each other everyday with a smile and a handshake to strengthen the relationship between us.
Standard #2: In Moves & Grooves we are considerate of those in need and are always willing to lend a helping hand.
Standard #3: In Moves & Grooves we love our brothers and sisters and are respectful in everything we say and do.
Standard #4: In Moves & Grooves we are striving to become a positive example to our community as well as the world.
Standard #5: In Moves & Grooves we are beautiful in our own way and we each offer a gift that is unique.
Standard #6: In Moves & Grooves we realize that life is a challenge, but with the mindset to persevere we can conquer anything.

Program Goals

Our goal for all After School Program sites are to:

  • To keep students of all ages safe.
  • Improve students' academic performance, school behavior, attendance, and self-confidence through engaging art experiences.
  • Increase students' awareness of nutrition and healthy living habits.
  • Ensure a successful transition into high school.

Programming Hours & Rates

School: Days: Times: Rates: Registration Fee: Sibling Discount:
Smith Springs ES: Pre-K Monday - Friday 2pm - 5pm $50 per week $30 (one time fee) $10 per week ***
Smith Springs ES: K - 4th Monday - Friday 3pm - 6pm $40 per week $30 (one time fee) $10 per week ***
Apollo Middle Monday - Friday 3:30pm - 6:30pm No Cost None None
Thurgood Marshall Middle Monday - Friday 3:30pm - 6:30pm No Cost None None
Croft Middle Monday - Thursday 4pm - 6pm No Cost None None
John Early Middle Monday - Thursday 4pm - 6pm No Cost None None

* Note: Tuition fees are due bi-weekly, so you will be paying for two weeks in one payment.
Cash will not be accepted at sites.
You may pay by check, money order, or through credit card using the Click-to-Pay feature on your invoice.

*** Sibling Discount is only "for every child after first."

Register Now

Moves and Grooves, Inc. now offers After School Programs for the following schools:

  • Apollo Middle
  • Croft Middle
  • John Early Middle
  • Smith Springs Elementary
  • Thurgood Middle

An additional application is required for all middle school programs. These will be available at each school, at the beginning of the school year.

Please click button to Apply Online for Moves and Grooves, Inc's. After School Program.

For more information, please contact us at (615) 953-1363 or info@movesandgrooves.org.